Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 21 - What does a normal period look like with Dr Lara Briden

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Today I’m talking to Dr. Lara Briden, naturopathic doctor and author of the Period Repair Manual. We are going back to basics and learning all the things we didn’t back in health class: what a normal menstrual cycle and period is like, the importance of ovulation, using your period as a monthly health report card and why you should care about your ovulatory health even if you’re not interested in having a baby.

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What we discussed:

  • Why ovulation and menstrual health is important beyond baby making
  • The various phases of the menstrual cycle and what’s normal for each
  • How to recognize signs of ovulation
  • What are anovulatory cycles and some of the causes behind them
  • The difference between your period and the bleed you get on hormonal birth control
  • How long a period should be and what your flow should look like in terms of colour, clotting and volume
  • Some of the causes of period pain and when to know that your pain goes beyond normal
  • Your period as a monthly health report card and how you can interpret it
  • Why getting off sugar is the key to regular ovulation

Episode 21: What does a normal period look like with Dr. Lara Briden

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