This week I’m talking to Clare Knox, founder of See Her Thrive. Clare and I discuss her experience with PMDD and how it affected her work, how reproductive health is a barrier in the workplace, menstrual leave and how getting to know our cycles and honouring our hormones can actually help to optimize our productivity.

CW: suicide

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Heavy Flow Podcast #47 - Reproductive Health in the Workplace with Clare Knox

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What we discussed: 

  • Clare’s experience with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and how it led her to start See Her Thrive
  • What is PMDD
  • Why reproductive health should be a workplace issue beyond access to menstrual products
  • How women are penalized for reproductive health in the workplace
  • Why menstrual leave isn’t the silver bullet for solving these issue
  • The surprising barrier to advancing education and policies around reproductive health in the workplace
  • How we can use our hormones to optimize our work and productivity

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