If you’re suffering from endometriosis, are there ways that you can naturally manage your symptoms? Jessica Murnane, founder of Know Your Endo, joins me to talk about the tools that help her manage her endometriosis.

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What we discussed:

  • What is endometriosis and common symptoms
  • How diet and exercise tools help Jessica manage her endo
  • Why stress is a key component of managing endometriosis
  • The benefits of natural period and beauty products
  • Health as an upward spiral
  • Finding the middle ground when it comes to practical tools to apply to real life

This episode of Heavy Flow is supported by The Endo Toolkit, a practical five-week online program to create tools to help manage endometriosis pain and symptoms.
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Know Your Endo
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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Episode 06: Endometriosis + Eating Plants for Self Care with Jessica Murnane
One Part Plant Cookbook

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