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Today on the show Kathleen Shannon, co-founder of Braid Creative and Being Boss Podcast co-host, takes the reigns to interview me about my new book, Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation. We talk about my early interest in periods, how period shame shows up in our culture, where menstrual equity intersects with other social justice issues, hormonal birth control, body literacy, where period pain comes from and what we can do about it, and so much more.

Listen now:

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This episode of Heavy Flow is supported by Hormonology.

Menstruation Research Network is a UK-based interdisciplinary network aiming to bring together menstruation experts from inside and outside academia.

What we discussed: 

The last taboo: the many forms of period shame
What we can do about period shame
The difference between menstruation and period
Top 3 things Amanda has learnt since starting the podcast
The intersection of periods and social justice
How to cultivate positivity towards menstruating bodies
Pros and cons of hormonal birth control
How the issue of birth control intersects with attitudes about abortion
Body literacy and the importance of making informed choices
The midwifery model and informed consent
Advocating for yourself with medical professionals
PMS and the normalization of pain
Supporting your hormones through nutrition
Heavy Flow is a good read!

Connect with Kathleen:

Braid Creative
Being Boss

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation

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