Today on the show I’m talking to Taq Bhandal, founder of IM With Periods, about resisting and reframing colonialist ideas about menstruation.

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This episode of Heavy Flow is supported by Bebo Mia Inc, a training and mentorship organization for women in the maternal health field, fiercely committed to social justice and intersectional feminism. 
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What we discussed: 

How Taq became a “period person” and her organization I’m With Period
The difference between decolonization and anti-colonialism
How we may unknowingly reinforce colonial thinking in our work
Resisting and rethinking colonialist ideas about mensuration

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Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation
IM With Periods Nerdzone
Taking Charge of Your Fertility
Cindy Luquin on Heavy Flow
Keli Garza + Vaginal Steaming on Heavy Flow

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