Today on the show I’m talking to A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez, a writer, speaker, and activist who is passionate about health, diversity, and equity. We discuss Rochaun’s experience with menstruation, period taboo in the black community, using reusable menstrual products and how menstrual equity is widening the gap, and so many conspiracy theories! 

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What we discussed: 

Rochaun’s personal relationship with her period
Seeing menstruation as a comfort
How Rochaun started to use menstrual cups
Being a black woman in America: Your body isn’t a burden
Signs of elitism, the hierarchy of period products and socioeconomic status
Teaching men about period acceptance
Dealing with menstrual shame

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Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation
The ‘Feminine hygiene’ market is predicted to reach $42.7bn by 2022 – but it’s doing more harm than we realise
Anna Dahlqvist on Heavy Flow

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