Today on the show I’m talking to Victoria Heaney, founder of the #freeperiodscotland campaign. We discuss Victoria’s campaign, Scotland’s progressive period policies, why solving “period poverty” isn’t the key to menstrual liberation, advice for tired activists and so much more.

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This episode is supported by Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation
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What we discussed: 

How Scotland became a leader in menstrual liberation
Victoria’s journey within the menstrual liberation movement
What are the changes that were made in Scotland
Why Victoria hates the term “period poverty” and what she uses instead
Building off of decades of period activism
Why we need to think bigger than products
Keeping menstrual liberation movement grassroots
Giving yourself breaks from the movement
Building body literacy into education
Breaking generational shame around periods
Making sure we’re always looking at the movement with a critical lens

Connect with Victoria:

Victoria’s Ted Talk: Let’s get the nation talking about menstruation

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Women for Independence
Periods Gone Public
Chris Bobel on Heavy Flow
Chella Quint on Heavy Flow

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