Today on the show I’m talking with Teri Yuan, host of the en(gender)ed podcast and advocate for survivors of gender-based violence. In this episode, Teri defines gender-based violence and explains how it differs from violence against women, coercive control, why power is at the root of the gender-based violence and what to do if you’re experiencing abuse in a relationship.

CW: Gender-based violence, abuse, coercive control. Please take care of yourself accordingly. 

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What we discussed: 

Feminism, advocacy and Teri’s journey to making the podcast en(gender)ed
Gender-based violence
The difference between gender-based violence and violence against women
Why the patriarchy fails us all
Coercive control and other forms of non-physical abuse
Normalizing coercion in “A Star is Born”
The allocation of power and the consequences of standing up for yourself
Promoting feminist ideal in all aspects of life
Advice for someone who wants to get out of an abusive relationship
Self-care tips for the current political landscape

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Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation
en(gender)ed with Evan Stark 

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