Today on the show I’m talking to Alana Nugent, Marketing Director of bebo mia inc., all about sobriety and alcohol culture. We talk about Alana’s relationship with alcohol and what led her to get sober, her road to recovery, the stereotype of an “alcoholic” and where cannabis fits into her definition of sobriety.

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What we discussed: 

Women’s relationship to alcohol
Alana’s personal recovery journey
The stigma and stereotypes of “alcoholics”
Alternatives to AA
Mommy wine culture and questioning alcohols place in our society
Walking with historical trauma
Defining substance use disorder
How to reexamine your relationship with alcohol
Are you sober if you use cannabis?

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Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Bianca Sprague on Heavy Flow
Alana’s blog post about getting sober
Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto Podcast #278 – A Conversation About Men with Robert Kandell
She Recovers
She Does The City
Sober Curious, Ruby Warrington

I receive an affiliate commission from some of the links above.

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