This week I’m talking to Ridhi Tariyal, CEO & Co-founder of Nextgen Jane. We discuss how Ridhi’s experience managing her reproductive health sparked her interest and passion for this field, the incredible information our menstrual blood contains and how Nextgen Jane is working on putting it to work, and what it’s like to work on periods in Silicon Valley.

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This episode of Heavy Flow is supported by my one-on-one period coaching and holistic nutrition services.
Understand your menstrual cycle. Improve your hormonal health. Increase period-related nutrition and self-advocacy skills.

What we discussed: 

  • Ridhi’s experience trying to navigate her own reproductive health
  • What we can learn from menstrual effluence  
  • How NGJ works and why physician education is key
  • The risks of assumption
  • How to sign up to participate in NGJ’s beta test
  • Why we need to develop a norm for menstruation
  • The importance of educating boys about menstruation and related issues
  • Working on periods in Silicon Valley

Connect with Ridhi & NextGen Jane: 


Resources mentioned in this episode: 

HFP #37 with Megan Cleary
Ask Me About My Uterus
HFP #26 with Abby Norman
Bodies podcast

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