Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 40 Fat Feminist Fertility with Nicola Salmon

This week I’m talking to Nicola Salmon of Fertility Freedom. Nicola supports women to reclaim their health and fertility, regardless of age, size, sexuality or ability. In this episode, Nicola and I discuss her PCOS diagnosis at age 16, how diet culture ruins lives, fat-phobia in medicine and fertility, body literacy beyond fertility awareness and using food to support your health without dieting. 

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Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 40 - Fat, feminist fertility with Nicola Salmon

Bebo Mia Fertility Specialist Certification

This episode of Heavy Flow is supported by bebo mia inc, a training and mentorship organization for women in the maternal health field. Register for their new Fertility Specialist Certification and support the 1 in 10 that struggles with fertility. 

What we discussed: 

  • Nicola’s fertility journey, which started at 16 when she was diagnosed with PCOS
  • The event that changed the course of Nicola’s life forever
  • PCOS 101
  • What is diet culture and how does it show up in our lives?
  • How a fat-phobic medical establishment affects healthcare, particularly around fertility
  • Body literacy beyond fertility awareness
  • How to use food as a tool to health your body while avoiding diets
  • How to advocate for yourself when you’re a fat person

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Resources mentioned in this episode: 

The Beauty Myth
Heavy Flow PCOS archive
#bodyliteracy: a hashtag, a title, a meme?  

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