Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 39 - PCOS with Amy Medling

This week I’m talking to Amy Medling, aka PCOS Diva, the best-selling author of Healing PCOS and a certified health coach. Amy shares her PCOS story and we discuss the nuts and bolts of PCOS: what it is, how it’s diagnosed, root causes and how diet and lifestyle can help you manage. We also talk about why it’s important to shift the language we use to describe PCOS and other chronic illnesses.

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Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 39 - PCOS with Amy Medling

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What we discussed: 

  • How Amy became the PCOS Diva
  • What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?
  • Is PCOS overdiagnosed? Underdiagnosed?
  • Why polycistic ovaries alone can’t diagnose PCOS
  • The root causes of PCOS: insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance and inflammation 
  • Hormonal birth control and how it affects PCOS
  • Post-Pill PCOS
  • How food and lifestyle can help manage PCOS symptoms
  • PCOS after menopause
  • Reframing the “battle” with PCOS

Connect with Amy: 

Healing PCOS

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

clarycalm Monthly Blend for Women
Dr Lara Briden’s blog post Maybe You Don’t Have PCOS
Dr Briden on the Heavy Flow Podcast
As PCOS cases jump, doctors wonder if the disorder is over-diagnosed
Dr Mark Hyman
Jessica Ortner

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