Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 36 - The Politics of Periods with Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Today I’m talking to Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, menstrual activist, author of Periods Gone Public and a contributor to Periods: Twelve Voices Tell the Bloody Truth, about the politics of periods.

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Listen now:

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What we discussed:

  • The New Year’s Day moment that ignited Jennifer’s passion for menstrual activism
  • “The Year of the Period”
  • The policy agenda shaping the fight to remove taxes on menstrual products and ensure access across the US, state-by-state
  • Period: Twelve Voices Tell the Bloody Truth, a new collection of essays and the first YA book to take on menstruation as a social-political-cultural issue

Connect with Jennifer: 

Periods Gone Public
Periods: Twelve Voices Tell The Bloody Truth

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

HFP Episode 15 with Kiran Gandhi
Rupi Kaur ‘period’
The Case for Free Tampons
Out in the Open – Periods

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