Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 33 - Making Menstrual Cups Mainstream with Carinne Cahmbers-Saini

Today I’m talking to Carinne Chambers-Saini, CEO and co-founder of Diva International. We talk about the business of menstruation, the challenges Carinne and her team faced growing Diva Cup, why mainstream distribution was so important to their vision and the role menstrual product manufacturers play in menstrual equity.

Listen now:

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What we discussed:

  • How Diva Cup got it’s start
  • The challenges Carinne and her team faced growing Diva Cup
  • Why being on-shelf in major drug-stores was integral to Diva’s vision
  • The importance of the environment and sustainability when it comes to Diva’s mission
  • The role of menstrual product manufacturers in menstrual equity

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