Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 31 - Integrative Approaches to Fertility with Mary Wong

This week on the show I’m talking to Mary Wong, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and author of Pathways to Pregnancy. We talk about fertility, integrating conventional and holistic fertility treatments, the importance of being open and why Mary is a fierce advocate for fertility awareness. 

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What we discussed: 

  • How listening to Mary’s story influenced my own work as a holistic nutritionist following my traumatic birth experience
  • Mary’s path to becoming a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner
  • How conventional and holistic approaches to fertility differ
  • Mary’s personal fertility journey and how it changed how she approaches her work with clients
  • The importance of the menstrual cycle in TCM
  • Why we need to be open to options and avoid judging others on their fertility journey
  • Why Mary is an advocate for fertility awareness

Connect with Mary: 

Alive Holistic Health Clinic
Pathways to Pregnancy: Personal stories and practical advice for your fertility journey

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Magic of Menstruation Workshop
Fertility Friday Podcast Episode 096
Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Lena Dunham on her decision to have a hysterectomy

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