Heavy Flow Episode 30 - Menstrual Health Management in East Africa with Sabrina Rubli Femme International

Today I’m talking to Sabrina Rubli, founder and executive director of Femme International, about menstrual health management in East Africa, and smashing stigma at home and abroad.

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What we discussed: 

  • How Femme International started as a pilot-project in college
  • Why Femme takes an education-based approach instead of just handing out menstrual products
  • The benefits of reusable menstrual products in East Africa
  • How missing school because of menstruation affects girls
  • The importance of educating boys and the community at large plays in Femme International’s work
  • How menstruation unites women and talking about it opens up a safe space for girls to ask other questions about sex, reproductive health, assault and other important topics
  • The menstrual myths we tell ourselves in North America

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Resources mentioned in this episode:  

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