Heavy Flow Episode 29 - Menstruating with a bleeding disorder with Jenna Lovell

This week I’m talking to Jenna Lovell, founder of My Missing Factor, about her experience with Von Willebrand disease, how it affects her menstrual and overall health, and the gender disparity in bleeding disorder treatment.

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What we discussed: 

  • How Jenna’s horrific early periods led to her to be diagnosed with Von Willebrand disease (VWD)
  • The common symptoms of VWD
  • How VWD affects your menstrual health without being a reproductive disorder or disease
  • The gender disparity in bleeding disorder treatment
  • Why the birth control pill is often prescribed to women with bleeding disorders, despite factor therapy being the gold standard of treatment
  • The blood taboo
  • How fertility awareness helped Jenna better understand and manage her bleeding disorder
  • Sex and sexuality with a bleeding disorder

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Women Who Bleed
“What is Normal?” Part One, WWB Period Video Logs

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