Heavy Flow Podcast Episode #50 - It's Only Blood with Anna Dahlqvist

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This week I’m talking to Anna Dahlqvist, journalist and author of It’s Only Blood. We discuss the history of menstrual shame, the similarities between modern menstrual taboos at home and abroad, menstrual equity as a human right and the need for more reproductive health education from puberty to menopause.

Listen now:

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Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 50 - It's Only Blood with Anna Dahlqvist

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BeyondBlood is an inclusive not-for-profit that seeks to initiate the Menstrual-Mental Health Movement.

What we discussed: 

    • Anna’s background as a journalist and what led her to start writing about menstruation
    • The modern menstrual taboo at home and abroad, and how they are more alike then you think
    • What the UN has to say about menstrual equity
    • Why the menstrual equity movement is growing NOW
    • The need for more education and research around all aspects of reproductive health
    • Why menopause is even more taboo then menstruation
    • Anna’s vision for a future menstrutopia

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It’s Only Blood

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