We believe that body literacy is a path to liberation. Our mission is to break taboos, increase body literacy and empower people to make truly informed decisions about their health and bodies.

Heavy Flow began as a podcast in 2017, as a way to spark conversions about the things we’re not supposed to talk about like periods, fertility, pregnancy loss and abortion. Over the course of more than 100 conversations and podcast episodes, it became clear that the period taboo was only the tip of the iceberg.

By applying what Jennifer Weiss-Wolf refers to as the “menstrual lens” to our own lives and to society and culture, we can begin to uncover and see all the ways the systems of capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy use our bodies against us.

Heavy Flow is:


The Team

Amanda Laird is host of the Heavy Flow Podcast and the author of Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation. She is a communications strategist and writer, and lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

TK Matunda is Toronto-based writer and producer. She is a first-generation Canadian-Kenyan from the Ontario burbs. Her work has been featured on CBC, Buzzfeed, ABC, Racist Sandwich, HuffPost Canada and more.

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